1. FLOW3 1.1 beta 2

    Today we will release the second beta version of FLOW3 1.1. For keeping you updated, I'll quickly brief you with the newest details and my plans for the next few weeks. Read more

  2. FLOW3 1.1 Beta Releases

    After several months of development, we have now closed the lid of the feature box and are busy preparing the releases. In this post I'll give you a quick overview of what you can expect during the next few weeks. Read more

  3. FLOW3 Codesprint and FLOW3 1.1

    Complaint number one by developers using FLOW3 – and that includes the core team – has been the compilation speed in a development context. There are times FLOW3 needs to flush all code caches which can result in several seconds of waiting time on the next hit, when the proxy classes are rebuilt. In order to tackle this, we scheduled a whole week for a code sprint in Lübeck. Read more

  4. Conferences in June 2012

    This June is packed again with conferences – always a nice opportunity to share some insights we had during the development of FLOW3 and TYPO3 Phoenix. I try to keep the balance between being present at such events and doing my homework (that is, working on our next-gen CMS and FLOW3 versions) but this June I'll attend three conferences within two weeks. Read more

  5. Results of the Research & Development Meeting

    Back when we designed the structure of the TYPO3 Association, we envisioned the Research & Development Committee to be the body where the high-level technical vision and long term goals were defined. The Steering Committee on the other hand had the task to keep an eye on the overall strategy of the TYPO3 project and its product.

    With the abolition of the Steering Committee – as a consequence from refactoring of the TYPO3 Association – the need for a new body taking care of the strategy arose. Reason enough for the Research & Development Committee to meet up in Hamburg for working out a proposal. Read more