Conferences in June 2012

This June is packed again with conferences – always a nice opportunity to share some insights we had during the development of FLOW3 and TYPO3 Phoenix. I try to keep the balance between being present at such events and doing my homework (that is, working on our next-gen CMS and FLOW3 versions) but this June I'll attend three conferences within two weeks.

First up is the International PHP Conference (spring edition) in Berlin. I'll give some half-day FLOW3 tutorial and additional talks about how third-party libraries can be incorporated into your FLOW3 project.

Next is the Dutch PHP Conference which will also feature a 3-hour FLOW3 tutorial and a packed talk giving some distilled overview of FLOW3.

Finally, I'll fly to Québec and enjoy our very first Canadian TYPO3 conference. It's awesome that the team around Patrick Gaumond made this happen! The Call for Papers will start soon and if I'm lucky I can hold a talk or two ;-)

Looking forward to some inspiring events – even if I need to leave my family at home alone for a while.

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