Results of the Research & Development Meeting

Back when we designed the structure of the TYPO3 Association, we envisioned the Research & Development Committee to be the body where the high-level technical vision and long term goals were defined. The Steering Committee on the other hand had the task to keep an eye on the overall strategy of the TYPO3 project and its product.

With the abolition of the Steering Committee – as a consequence from refactoring of the TYPO3 Association – the need for a new body taking care of the strategy arose. Reason enough for the Research & Development Committee to meet up in Hamburg for working out a proposal.

Moving Strategy to the Community

The ideas for such a new body have been in the wild for some time already and were discussed every now and then in the Steering Committee but also by individuals during community meetings. For the last Steering Committee meeting in Basel, I couched the ideas into terms and called the new body "Product Board".

Meeting Results

Apart from polishing the Product Board concept, we had the following points on our agenda:

  • TYPO3 branding work group (TYPO3 Phoenix, TYPO3 Flow, TYPO3 XY)
  • TYPO3 version numbering
  • GSoC 2012 organization admin
  • Joint development budget 2012 (that is, TYPO3 v4 + TYPO3 Phoenix)

In short, we have discussed the next steps for finding a consistent naming scheme for the products of the TYPO3 community, agreed on a concept for the version numbering scheme of the active TYPO3 CMS branch, decided on the GSoC 2012 org admin position and discussed the common budget of TYPO3 v4 and TYPO3 Phoenix.

You may want to read the full agenda and the protocol for the respective discussion results.

Your Feedback

As for the Product Board concept, we now ask the active TYPO3 community – and that means, every member of any of the TYPO3 teams you can find at – for their comments. You may, at your option, discuss this in your team, leave comments in the Google Doc or simply send an email to one of the participants of the meeting. We'll collect all feedback and propose an updated concept in case it becomes necessary.

Just follow this link to the Product Board concept document. And if you run across anybody who might be interested in giving feedback, please point him / her to these documents or blog post.

I am quite confident that we have found a good solution which satisfies the wish of many to have a more visible leadership in the TYPO3 project. And all that in a good balance of pragmatism and legitimacy through the community.

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