1. No more CSRF hassles: Safe Requests in TYPO3 Flow 2.0

    We are approaching the finishing line for TYPO3 Flow 2.0 - the feature set is frozen now, apart from one important addition which is currently in the works: support for "safe request methods" and removing CSRF tokens from URIs. We didn't plan for this and it comes at pretty short notice before the Inspiring Flow conference. But it's doable, if we can quickly raise some funds for two days of development. If you ever cursed about CSRF tokens in your links ... read on. Read more

  2. Countdown for Inspiring Flow 2013

    Time flies ... end of next week we'll already meet for this year's biggest event which exclusively deals with TYPO3 Flow: Inspiring Flow 2013. This two-day conference certainly is the best way to hear about the recent developments, getting in touch with the team behind the framework and exchanging ideas, experience (and phone numbers?) with other Flow developers. Read more

  3. Preparing Flow 2.0 beta 2

    During the last few weeks the TYPO3 Flow has been busy integrating big improvements regarding speed and overall performance. Additionally we got a lot of feedback from the first beta of Flow 2.0 which often resulted in smaller tweaks or bug fixes. Read more

  4. If you can't complete your work in 12 hours, try doing it in 4

    Back when I was a student, working on my first TYPO3 projects, I followed the pattern of every "successful" freelancer: I worked overtime, every other night and skipped weekends. Whining about still not getting my work done in 12 hours a day, a friend of mine gave me a good advice: try doing it in 4 hours instead. Read more

  5. Bit by bit, little by little - new features for my Neos blog

    Running your own website as a freelancer often is a neglected task - so much effort for the handful of visitors! Now imagine you would also develop a CMS and a blog application along the way. Read more