Countdown for Inspiring Flow 2013

Time flies ... end of next week we'll already meet for this year's biggest event which exclusively deals with TYPO3 Flow: Inspiring Flow 2013. This two-day conference certainly is the best way to hear about the recent developments, getting in touch with the team behind the framework and exchanging ideas, experience (and phone numbers?) with other Flow developers.

Second edition

Inspiring Flow is the second edition of the community's TYPO3 Flow conference (in 2012 it was still called FLOW3 Experience, but we had to find a new name due to FLOW3 having been renamed to TYPO3 Flow).

I am very much looking forward to meeting folks from the growing community again. And since it's not only the second edition of the conference, but also the second major version of Flow which is around the corner, there are quite a few stories to tell and maybe some secrets to share ...

Got your ticket yet?

In addition to the conference program you can book one of the exclusive workshops which happen on the day before the official conference start and at the day after the conference ends.

So, if you are planning to use TYPO3 Flow and want to get started - or you're already in midst of your Flow project ... this is the conference you should attend to!

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