Preparing Flow 2.0 beta 2

During the last few weeks the TYPO3 Flow has been busy integrating big improvements regarding speed and overall performance. Additionally we got a lot of feedback from the first beta of Flow 2.0 which  often resulted in smaller tweaks or bug fixes.

Now all these changes (and many more since December) piled up in our review queue which made it difficult to proceed, also with Neos development. Thus, Christian Müller and me decided to reserve some time for going through all pending changes which are relevant for 2.0 and review / test them one by one.

Since this is a lengthy (and tedious) task, we borrowed some hours from my Neos project coordination budget since the team agreed on this being the best way to spend time currently.

Depending on what we still might find during the reviews, we hope to release TYPO3 Flow 2.0 beta 2 next week. A step closer to a really cool new version of Flow!

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