1. TYPO3 Neos in T3Bits Podcast

    In April Sebastian Michaelsen started a new podcast series about the TYPO3 project called "T3Bits". In a handful of episodes so far he interviewed well-known members of the TYPO3 community and provides a great insight into what's being worked on. Read more

  2. Email Hosting

    There was a time when I was hosting all my customer's websites and, of course, that included their emails. I also hosted my own emails on my own dedicated servers and later on a server at home connected via VDSL. While I'm still passionate about hosting in general (especially dynamically scalable cloud servers), the conclusion of about 10 years of running my own email servers was: never again! Read more

  3. TYPO3 Developer Days 2013

    With about 175 participants this year's edition of the TYPO3 Developer Days certainly was not the biggest one (due to the non-planned switch of the location to Hamburg), but it was absolutely intense. A whole week of discussing, coding, creating ... Read more

  4. Commercial but Open Source

    On the quest for finding a tool which suites to my back office needs, I came across activeCollab, a project management, ticket and invoicing software which will replace a row of other solutions I used previously (among them Basecamp and Harvest). activeCollab is a software which you buy for a fixed price and then install it on your own infrastructure. It is written in PHP and - that goes without saying - you'll get all the nicely formatted source code.

    No doubt a ... Read more

  5. Planning User Experience for Neos – And What Drupal Did Right

    Rasmus Skjoldan currently spends nights and part time of his days figuring out how we can plan for a user experience for TYPO3 Neos which is less developer driven and more user focused. Read more