TYPO3 Developer Days 2013

With about 175 participants this year's edition of the TYPO3 Developer Days certainly was not the biggest one (due to the non-planned switch of the location to Hamburg), but it was absolutely intense. A whole week of discussing, coding, creating ...

But before T3DD13 started on Thursday, both, the TYPO3 CMS and TYPO3 Neos / TYPO3 Flow teams met for discussing and working on the currently most important tasks. For TYPO3 that is the upcoming LTS version. For Neos stabilisation and the integration of the actual visual design were the most popular topics.

Neos 1.0 alpha 4

The team was on fire. We definitely wanted to deliver a new alpha release, with the beautiful new design, lots of bug fixes and for everyone to see that 1.0 is going to happen, finally. Spurred by our new team member we coded all night (well, I also talked a lot, wish always makes me feel so unproductive ;-) and not least because of the great team spirit, were able to release TYPO3 Neos 1.0 alpha 4 on July 7th.


My personal highlight of the whole event certainly was the atmosphere, the spirit you could sense while people were exchanging ideas or trying out new things. The community is really alive – you can see that because it's not always the same people standing on the stage . There are so many people who contribute to the project with their creative ideas.

Like, for example, Sebastian Michaelsen who recorded several audio podcasts during the event. With his format "T3Bits" he provides us with great insights into current projects happening in the TYPO3 universe. Together with Sebastian Kurfürst we also recorded an episode about Neos (I'll let you know when it's out).

Of course there's a whole lot more to say about the event, but Ben already summed it up so nicely, that I recommend reading his article on typo3.org.

More of that? Definitely. Our next Neos sprint will be be in week 40 and happening at DE-CIX, Frankfurt. But this week all of us have to catch up on sleep. Maybe. After fixing that little gremlin which made me type this blog post twice ;-)

Photos by Søren Schaffstein and Thomas Hempel

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