Planning User Experience for Neos – And What Drupal Did Right

Rasmus Skjoldan currently spends nights and part time of his days figuring out how we can plan for a user experience for TYPO3 Neos which is less developer driven and more user focused.

Rasmus recently started a section on the Neos website about user experience (including a call for participation) and today published a blog post I recommend for everyone to read who is interested in the user experience of TYPO3 CMS and what we can learn from us and others for our new content management system, Neos.

In his post he also looks at Drupal:

Many of us have often looked at Drupal wondering why that king didn’t wear any clothes but kept smiling and waving to the crowds. The simple fact is that they just did a better job at showing how simple their system could be for their users.

Now enjoy reading "What We Can Learn (About Ourselves) From Others". Oh and, Rasmus – as soon as we have ironed out the user interface glitches, I'm afraid we'll need to convert your Tumblr site to Neos ...

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