1. First TYPO3 Neos Training in Munich

    Many of the agencies I'm in touch with are currently taking a close look at TYPO3 Neos in order to plan their transition to the new CMS once the 1.0 stable has been released. The concepts and APIs Neos provides are relatively stable now and the remaining work before the first major release is a matter of stabilisation and cleaning up (still a non trivial task). If you are serious about being ahead of the competition with TYPO3 Neos, now is the time to get involved! Read more

  2. Preview: Cloud Resources for TYPO3 Flow 2.1

    When I started writing the first lines of code for Flow's resource management, I essentially had one goal: all data stored on a web server is temporary – persistent data can be stored elsewhere. This feature didn't make it into a Flow release so far, but the APIs were shaped for that goal from the beginning. In Flow 2.1 we'll finally see cloud storage and cloud resources happen – and it's basically a matter of switching it on. Read more

  3. Neos UX: iA, Zürich

    On his mission to challenge our user experience concepts for TYPO3 Neos, Rasmus Skjoldan organised a meeting with design agency Information Architects Inc. So Rasmus and I spent a couple of hours with Chris Lüscher and part of his team in their Zürich office (and due to the heat, at the close-by "factory outlet" of the local micro-brewery Turbine Bräu) discussing today's and tomorrow's demands for content management systems. Read more

  4. 2017 WCM Forecast

    On his mission to shape the user experience concept for future versions of TYPO3 Neos, Rasmus Skjoldan asked several experts in the field for their take on how Web Content Management will look like in 2017: Read more

  5. Composer and APC

    After setting up a new working environment I usually run into the following error message as soon as I try to use Composer: Read more