2017 WCM Forecast

TYPO3 Neos UX Project: 2017 WCM Forecast

On his mission to shape the user experience concept for future versions of TYPO3 Neos, Rasmus Skjoldan asked several experts in the field for their take on how Web Content Management will look like in 2017:

What kind of CMS tools and processes will be important in 4 years from now? How can we plan our software today so that it is highly relevant in years to come? Such questions are naturally essential to the planning of a new CMS, based on our experience of the +500.000 site strong TYPO3 CMS.

Here, experts like content strategist, Karen McGrane, vendor-neutral client advisors like Janus Boye and Perttu Tolvanen of North Patrol - as well as large CMS clients such as the Danish Broadcasting Corporation - have all given us their views on the future of content management.

Rasmus prepared a presentation featuring all statements so far and gave an outlook on what is going to happen in the TYPO3 Neos UX field in the near future. You'll find the presentation and more information on the Neos website.

What's your prediction for the future? How will content management look like in 2027?

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