Neos UX: iA, Zürich

At iA offices in Zürich, Switzerland

On his mission to challenge our user experience concepts for TYPO3 Neos, Rasmus Skjoldan organised a meeting with design agency Information Architects Inc. So Rasmus and I spent a couple of hours with Chris Lüscher and part of his team in their Zürich office (and due to the heat, at the close-by "factory outlet" of the local micro-brewery Turbine Bräu) discussing today's and tomorrow's demands for content management systems.

Neos for Media Sites

What was particularly interesting was iA's approach on creating websites for media companies and how Neos could help editors curating the various kinds of content. We also drew boundaries to other types of websites, such as rather hierarchically structured ones of universities and those with a shorter content shelf life time typically designed by ad agencies.

In general I had the impression that Neos would fit very well into modern content-first approaches and may be especially interesting for agencies like iA if it is also used as a prototyping tool during very early phases in a project. And looking at the technical foundation we have, media companies will just love the possibilities – we "only" need to harness the features by some clever UI concept.

Another step has been taken to shape the future concept of Neos and I can't wait refining it and working on its implementation …

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