1. FLOW3 Supports PHP Vendor Namespaces

    The result of the last big refactoring before FLOW3 1.0 now made it to our review queue (typo3.org login required): vendor namespaces support. This new feature has two great benefits: first of all we don't need a central package key registry (like the one we have for TYPO3 4.x extensions) and secondly, it allows anyone to seamlessly integrate third-party packages, such as Symfony2 components and Zend Framework components or virtually any other PHP 5.3 based library. Read more

  2. Go Community! The new TYPO3 Association

    During the last General Assembly, the Board and Steering Committee of the TYPO3 Association decided on a few important changes to the bylaws. These changes give more power to the supporting members of the Association, remove conflicts of interest regarding the deciders and receivers of the budget and, most importantly, move the strategic decisions to the community. Read more

  3. Continuous Delivery – Interview with Jez Humble

    At T3CON11SF I had the opportunity to record a short interview with Jez Humble, co-author of the book "Continuous Delivery" and principal at ThoughtWorks Studios. He's a brilliant and funny englishman (working together with guys like Martin Fowler) and a (humble) celebrity in the agile community. Read more

  4. Flying to T3CON11 San Francisco

    In 2005 a group of brave guys organized the very first TYPO3 conference. Jürgen Egeling certainly was the bravest of all, as his company took the financial risk, but not the gain. At one ocasion during the event (which was called Tycon3 back then), Jürgen said that his ultimate goal would be a TYPO3 conference held in San Francisco. Read more

  5. PHP Conference 2011 in Berlin

    I just finished my talk about FLOW3 1.0 at the International PHP Conference in Berlin. As usual, it was great meeting the usual suspects in the lobby but also see new faces in the session room. Read more