Continuous Delivery – Interview with Jez Humble

At T3CON11SF I had the opportunity to record a short interview with Jez Humble, co-author of the book "Continuous Delivery" and principal at ThoughtWorks Studios. He's a brilliant and funny englishman (working together with guys like Martin Fowler) and a (humble) celebrity in the agile community.

At last year's Frankfurt edition of T3CON we started inviting speakers not being involved in the TYPO3 project to bring new insights and perspectives into the TYPO3 community. This perfectly matches with the tendency to further professionalize our work and explore fields way beyond the average PHP developer's scope. In February 2010 I was reading the rough cuts version of a book called "Continuous Delivery". The topic really caught me and while I was talking with Jürgen I mentioned how great it would be having Jez Humble speaking at our conference. Jürgen arranged everything and Jez gladly accepted to hold a keynote in the San Francisco edition of the TYPO3 conference.

Continuous Delivery means that your development style and processes lead to stable software which could potentially be released at any time by a click of a button. It's a lot about automation, discipline and a new mindset, it requires configuration management, lots of different kinds of automated tests, is a perfect match for cloud hosting and – just makes a lot of sense.

We have designed FLOW3 with these agile processes in mind and are already using a big part of the tools and techniques Jez recommends. If you are somehow in the development, deployment, hosting or management of a software project, you'll want to read that book – and watch the interview of course ;-)

Update (15.06.11): The full keynote Jez gave at T3CON11SF is now available at Vimeo – don't miss it!

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