Flying to T3CON11 San Francisco

In 2005 a group of brave guys organized the very first TYPO3 conference. Jürgen Egeling certainly was the bravest of all, as his company took the financial risk, but not the gain. At one ocasion during the event (which was called Tycon3 back then), Jürgen said that his ultimate goal would be a TYPO3 conference held in San Francisco.

Flying to T3CON11 San Francisco from Robert Lemke on Vimeo.

I hope that Jürgen won't stop organizing T3CONs now. It's pretty cool that Karsten and I are now actually sitting in the plane to the first T3CON San Francisco edition. We'll stay 10 days in, dare I say, the nicest metropol in the US, preparing conference sessions, meeting with TYPO3 and FLOW3 guys. I'm looking forward to meeting Jez Humble from Thoughtworks, the guys from Sencha, from then Aloha project and in general enjoy the inspiring athmosphere of the bay area.

I'll keep you posted and hopefully be able to record the one or the other talk for sharing with you. Rumors say that Kasper brought a truckload of his video equipment again, so coverage of our stay should be granted :-) Follow my tweets and check out my blog for some news soon ...

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