1. Cloud Storage and CDN for TYPO3 Flow

    Once you start running a Flow application from multiple web servers you need to figure out where and how to store all the file uploads, documents and other assets. Setting up an NFS share as a common file base is possible but often cumbersome and, let's face it, so nineties. You really want to store all your persistent resources in the cloud and, as a bonus, use a content delivery network for high speed and reliable access by your users. Read more

  2. Blog Powered by TYPO3 Neos

    During the past few weeks I have been working more or less silently on a proof of concept for a natively Neos-powered blog. This is an important milestone, as it is supposed to prove the concept of our node-based content repository and the powerful rendering mechanism of TypoScript 2 and Fluid.

    Read more

  3. Mussels and Code in Lausanne

    Dominique Feyer loves music, organizes underground film & music festivals and makes you feel welcome at the moment you meet him. He's also a long-term TYPO3 community member, an experienced developer and booked me for a two-day coaching session in Lausanne for answering questions raised during the development of his TYPO3 Flow-based video on demand portal. Read more

  4. TYPO3 Flow 2.0 Training

    After years working on TYPO3 Neos and Flow I am now slowly getting back to my old roots as a coach and freelancer. As an important step, I'm pretty excited to announce my first own hosted TYPO3 Flow training! Read more

  5. Renaming FLOW3

    The new version of the best framework money can't buy will not be FLOW3 1.2. It will be called TYPO3 Flow 2.0. This is an important decision and we didn't take it easy. There are, however, several good reasons which will soon let us forget the initial pain and enjoy the benefits. Read more