Renaming FLOW3

The new version of the best framework money can't buy will not be FLOW3 1.2. It will be called TYPO3 Flow 2.0. This is an important decision and we didn't take it easy. There are, however, several good reasons which will soon let us forget the initial pain and enjoy the benefits.

  • TYPO3 Flow gets its place in the TYPO3 brand family
  • it can be pronounced just "Flow" in day-to-day use, which is much easier, especially when pronounced in other languages (people said, for example, "Flow drei" or "Flow dry" in German ;-)
  • it is in line with our other products, TYPO3 Fluid, TYPO3 Surf etc.
  • it's still easy to find Flow-related content in Google, just search for "TYPO3 Flow"
  • Technically it is less scary than it may seem: Flow's migration tool will easily adjust all your code to fit the new class names. However, considering that, together with the introduction of Composer, we have quite a change contained in the next release, we will raise the major version number.

    We have compiled a page with all the background information about the naming scheme. Many people have been involved in this decision and I am honestly sorry that we could not include everybody. Elaborating a solution like this requires a lot of time and background as branding is a complex topic.

    I'm sure that you'll love the overall outcome and how it all fits together when we've released the new CMS. The team is extremely excited to share this with you and we count the hours until T3CON12 where we finally can reveal the name.

    Let's ride the wave. We won't change the name again, promised ;-)

    PS: The worst thing is that my hands have FLOW3 in their DNA. Don't ask how many times I wanted to write "Flow" but my middle finger added a "3" instantly.

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