1. TYPO3 Phoenix, Aloha and the AGPL license

    TYPO3 Phoenix will use the Aloha Editor to provide its users the smoothest inline editing experience. But contrary to TYPO3, being GPL v3 licensed, Aloha is published under the Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPL3). What implications does this license have on the development and use of TYPO3? Read more

  2. Session Handling and Object Serialization

    Last night I worked on FLOW3's Object Serializer - it didn't detect recursions in the references of the object tree to be serialized. That's a good opportunity for me to give some insight into FLOW3's session and object serialization capabilities. Read more

  3. Paper Selection Process for T3CON10

    Jürgen Egeling, Søren Schaffstein and me just finished the paper selection for this year's T3CON in Frankfurt/Germany. Time to look at the process so far and how we can improve it in the future. Read more

  4. MacBook Pro in den USA kaufen?

    Durch die iPad-Import-Diskussionen und einen etwas älteren Blogeintrag war ich eigentlich der Meinung, dass es sich eher nicht lohnt, während seines USA Aufenthalts ein MacBook Pro oder andere Apple-Ware zu kaufen. Dass dies aber durchaus günstiger sein kann habe ich nun im Eigenexperiment herausgefunden. Read more

  5. TypoScript in TYPO3 Phoenix

    We have passed the first half of our first official TYPO3 Phoenix sprint and the sprint goal - to render a simple website - becomes more real every day. One part I've been working on quite intensively during the last days is the TypoScript rendering. To give you some impression of what you can expect from the next generation of TypoScript I'd like to start some loose series of blog posts about it. Read more