1. Founding Flownative – an independent Neos Company

    Today we announced in a common press release with TechDivision, that Christian Müller, Karsten Dambekalns and myself will start a new company, exclusively focussing on helping agencies and organisations to create great digital experiences based on TYPO3 Neos. The name of our venture, to be founded this February, is: Flownative. Read more

  2. Interview: Founding Flownative

    Along with the press release, TechDivision's Dominik Haller asked me a few questions about our new company Flownative. Read more

  3. How TYPO3 Neos got started in 2005

    The Neos 1.0 release is getting closer and thus I'm collecting materials for all the talks I may give at conferences during the next few weeks. During my search I also found a whole album of photos from the historic meeting of the then TYPO3 Core Team in Kettrup Bjerge, Denmark. This was the very meeting where we came up with the basis for the new TYPO3 brand, its vision, its mission statement. We also agreed on the major goal for what now has become Neos: an excellent user experience on all levels. Read more

  4. Neos Sprint Frankfurt

    So the last thing you heard from me months ago is that I switched companies? Don't worry – my shamefully neglected outside communication is all due to the big amount of work and focus on getting Neos 1.0 out. One great event I missed reporting about was the 1-week Neos sprint in Frankfurt two weeks ago. Read more

  5. A New Perspective

    During the last few months I've been thinking about a solution for a difficult challenge: how can I invest a substantial amount of time into Neos and Flow, work on significant web projects and still make a living? As a regular freelancer combining these two goals can become difficult. Read more