Neos Sprint Frankfurt

So the last thing you heard from me months ago is that I switched companies? Don't worry – my shamefully neglected outside communication is all due to the big amount of work and focus on getting Neos 1.0 out. One great event I missed reporting about was the 1-week Neos sprint in Frankfurt  two weeks ago.

A the Core of the Internet

Host for our sprint in Frankfurt was the German Internet Exchange DE-CIX (which is, by the way, the biggest internet exchange point in the world, measured by traffic). The fine folks at DE-CIX sponsored a great conference room, catering for the team and accommodation for all participants! And what's even better: during our sprint the in-house development team at DE-CIX launched a brand new administration interface based on TYPO3 Flow – you could say that the routing of the biggest CIX is now controlled via Flow ;) 

During 5 days the Neos team, consisting of 24 people from 7 countries, created, reviewed and merged more than 150 features and fixes. Aske prepared two big Kanban boards which saw Post-its flying from To-Do to Done in no time.

Sebastian prepared a nice video giving you some impression of the sprint. If that looks like a lot of fun to you, why not consider joining us next time? Just let us know in our mailing list or on IRC.

Footnote: Karsten and I have spent literally way more than a hundred hours each on Neos/ Flow since we started at TechDivision. In that regard the whole move turned out quite positive for the project ;-)

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