1. FLOW3 1.0 beta 1 release date

    Some of you might have noticed that we let the originally planned release date for 1.0 beta just pass (I announced that it would be February 18th). The reason for it is that Karsten and I were working on some heavy last-minute refactoring of the FLOW3 core, namely the Doctrine2 integration and a new proxy building mechanism. Read more

  2. It takes all kinds to build a world

    Ten years ago, I'd never have thought that an Open Source project could give me enough fuel to stay for such a long time. And although being part of it can require a lot of energy at times, it was certainly the friendly community which made me eventually quit my old job and dive into TYPO3 completely. Diversity and common value is what drives us ahead personally and in the end also TYPO3. Read more

  3. Video: Talk about AOP at WebExpo 2010

    In September 2010 I gave a talk about Aspect-Oriented Programming at the WebExpo Conference in Prague. The session covered AOP in general as well as its actual use in combination with FLOW3. Although it's been some time ago that it was recorded, I wanted to share the video the WebExpo team took during the conference. Read more

  4. New Impulses from the PHP Conference

    Last week I attended (and spoke at) the International PHP Conference in Mainz, Germany. Besides some very nice discussions and the usual meeting old and making new friends the conference also gave me new impulses regarding collaboration with other Open Source projects, namely Doctrine and Apache Zeta Components. Read more

  5. I Love Git

    I've been very busy implementing the enhanced content repository concept we came up for TYPO3 Phoenix. So busy that I hardly managed to answer my emails. Perfect timing for making the switch from Subversion to Git, don't you think? Read more