FLOW3 1.0 beta 1 release date

Some of you might have noticed that we let the originally planned release date for 1.0 beta just pass (I announced that it would be February 18th). The reason for it is that Karsten and I were working on some heavy last-minute refactoring of the FLOW3 core, namely the Doctrine2 integration and a new proxy building mechanism.

We have solved this so far but still need to clean up code, integrate the commits, review and update the documentation. We also have a full week code sprint next week in Berlin where almost everybody of the TYPO3 v4, v5 and FLOW3 core team is present. Therefore, my current guess on a release date is something like mid March.

Making Doctrine2 our default persistence layer gives us a lot of opportunities (and less code to maintain ourselves). This will really be amazing! And with the new proxy building mechanism, you can finally use the "new" operator instead of the ObjectManager->create() function:

 * @scope prototype
class MyPrototype {

   * @inject
   * @var \F3\MyPackage\Service\MyService
  protected $myService;

  public function foo() {



$myPrototype = new MyPrototype();

Even though you use the new operator, dependencies like the service above will be injected. Without any further XML / YAML / Brainf*ck configuration ;-)

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