The purpose of this blog

Developing your own blog is probably not the cleverest thing a busy developer can do. And yet it was very important for the TYPO3 5.0 and FLOW3 project to create this "blog example". My blog serves as a test bed and steady reminder for what we want to achieve with the project Phoenix: A full featured next generation CMS.

There are mainly two reasons for me launching this site:

Number one: I desperately needed a communication channel which allows me to comment on hot topics in the dev sphere (other frameworks 60 times faster than FLOW3? Hah! – I'll cover that in a future post ...) and spread more information about TYPO3 and FLOW3. Because although my fellows and I are instensively working on 5.0 and FLOW3 throughout the whole year, there's only few information the community gets apart from our release notes. I hope that this blog helps me improving this situation.

Number two: We need real world experience with FLOW3. We do work with FLOW3 all the time but what we're lacking is stumbling over nasty bits like incompatibilities with FCGI, unexpected effects by the Suhosin patch or "simple" questions like how to stage new versions of FLOW3 on a live server. This blog is a first start and we've got more in the pipeline.

I'm aware of that this blog will cause me a lot of trouble. Because my intention is not to extend the blog app until it can measure up with Wordpress (honestly, I'd love to use WP for my blog!). My goal is to take this as a start for a transition to TYPO3 5.0: As the code of Phoenix evolves, we'll adapt the blog code so that it eventually turns into a plugin for TYPO3. So in the end, this site will maybe the first TYPO3 5.0 powered site, too - unless some brave developer beats me to the draw ...

If you have any questions regarding the blog, the progress of FLOW3 / TYPO3 5.0 or our future plans, feel free to ask - here, via private mail or in one of the mailing lists. And now take a sneak peek behind the scenes of this blog.

PS: You can check out the source code of this blog app from – but be warned, it's not all as clean as you expect ;-)

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