T3BOARD13 Flow Workshop

The yearly snowboard tour is probably the best event for discovering the soul of the TYPO3 community. Even though I'm not really a fan of squeezing my calves into bindings for a week, I only missed two editions yet (the first one because I moved to Barcelona and another one for the birth of Smilla). My kids (and wife) are also part of the reason why I originally planned to skip this year's tour: parts of my holiday budget already go into TYPO3, so for the remaining days – if I have the choice – I still prefer spending it with my family ;-)

Fortunately, Adrian approached me to see if I could give a workshop about Flow / Neos during the tour. So we made this deal: I'll get the flight covered and in return spend three days in Zell am See giving workshops and hanging out with the folks from the tour.

If you want to get started with Flow / Neos or have some more specific topics to discuss, you can join one of my two half-day workshops for free! Technically it will be one workshop afternoon, repeated on the next day. I'll show you how to create a Flow application from scratch with the built-in MVC framework and Dependency Injection. You will use repositories for storing objects, include session handling, command-line support and configure a security layer with user authentication and authorization. In essence, you’ll know where to start when you’re ready to create your very own TYPO3 Flow based application.

So we found a win-win-win solution: my family is happy to only do without me for 3 days, I am happy to meet you guys a T3BOARD13 and I guess a few guys will also be happy to know that the workshop is included in the package. Check the T3BOARD13 wiki page for more info about date, time, location, how to sign up and how much coffee to bring.

Nine years ago we spent some great time in Kitzbühel – do you recognize some of the TYPO3 folks?

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