New Chapters in FLOW3 Documentation

One of the most requested features for FLOW3 was: Documentation. The whole team has spent many hours updating and extending existing chapters of our "Definitive Guide". In fact, we postponed the whole release of FLOW3 1.1 mostly because we wanted to fulfill our promise to make documentation an important feature of that new version.

I'd like to highlight two new chapters: First, the whole new HTTP foundation is explained in its own part, including an overview of FLOW3's application flow. The second chapter is probably the most anticipated piece of documentation: the Model View Controller framework. For the first time you get a good overview of FLOW3's MVC mechanism and, since it is by big parts a backport of FLOW3, a lot of this documentation also applies to Extbase.

I'm very interested in your feedback: how do you like the structure of these chapters and the writing style? Do you find information easily and where you expected it?

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