How I Started with TYPO3

Today is my tenth anniversary! On August 4th, 2001 I uploaded my very first TYPO3 installation – not knowing that it would change my life.

That sounds very pathetic – "it changed my life". But it really did, in many ways. Back then, somewhen in March 2001, I discovered TYPO3 after searching for a tool which allowed me to manage my website and has specific support for image conversion. I saved the bookmark for later and forgot about it until I prepared for a half-year stay in Barcelona.

At that point, neither programming nor the web have been part of my daily job. I've been working at Studio Hamburg, a big technical provider for TV and movie productions. I had piled up literally hundreds of extra hours as a video technician and planned to take some time off. To keep my friends and family up to date, I needed a proper website which I could feed from any cibercafé.

So eventually on August 4th I uploaded the first zip file with my TYPO3 website to a shared server. Four weeks later I was online with my brand new website (as you can see in the screenshot) – it even featured a guest book!

After I returned from Barcelona, my enthusiasm to change the world didn't quite match with the big company I was working in – so I quit my job shortly after my return. I started studying Applied Cultural Studies in Lüneburg, met friends for life and ... my future wife. As I seemed to have reached all possible goals at university (my wife), I decided to work full time as a freelancer building TYPO3 websites. And thus since 2003 I am just that, a TYPO3 developer.

How did you start with TYPO3?

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