Hello World! Part the Second

Watchful followers of my emails and tweets will have noticed that I've been offline for two weeks. It was for the birth of our second daughter, Nika.

Needless to say that my wife and me are overwhelmed and very happy to have another gorgeous and healthy daughter. Smilla on her side is pretty excited to have a little sister now and it's touching to see her caring for Nika.

We are doing surprisingly well considering what a newborn can potentially do to your daily routine and since Monday I'm back online, working on the upcoming FLOW3 release. I'd like to thank all of you guys who sent us their good wishes. It's so great to get reminded again that the TYPO3 and FLOW3 community actually consists of real humans, and really friendly ones, too ;-)

In case you wonder how Smilla looks like today, here's a recent photo of her at Flickr.

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