A new CMS and a new site

I'm completely overworked – it's close to T3CON12DE and we've got our hands full. A perfect opportunity to relaunch my website with a new design and a new content management system.

We've got The New CMS working nicely and we're almost on schedule for the big show (as you notice, I avoid the word "Phoenix" as I already know the real name ;-). In order to get some more real-world experience, I spontaneously decided to lift my FLOW3-driven blog into a Phoenix-driven website. Almost a piece of cake – if there weren't the bugs I discovered on the way … But I've been working towards this for almost six years: running my website on the new CMS I started and have been creating with my fellow team during lots of day and night shifts.

The second motivator for this last-minute project was to get my new design out of the door. It's been in the works for quite a while now (the new logo, that is) and finally want to use it on my website, too. Now, the design you see today is quite quirky and certainly not what I intend for the final product. However, it's a start and hopefully reminds me every day to continue learning about responsive webdesign and all the frontend wizardry my colleagues are using.

Welcome to my new website. I'll keep you posted on my adventures through the new CMS, that's for sure ;-)

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