1. Composer for the Enterprise

    For the second major version of TYPO3 Flow we integrated Composer, the upcoming de-facto standard for package management in PHP. I've become a big fan of its dependency management capabilities and especially the ability to pull almost any package from packagist.org into my Flow applications. But enterprise projects need a little more than what comes with the starter kit. Read more

  2. TYPO3 Flow 2.0 Workshops in Switzerland

    This March starts with a comprehensive introduction into TYPO3 Flow 2.0. Whether you need to get started quickly for your first pilot project or want a fast-lane introduction into more advanced topics – within two days you can learn the fundamentals of TYPO3 Flow from its project founder. Read more

  3. FOSDEM 2013

    FOSDEM is one of the biggest conferences about Free and Open Source Software. Well, strictly speaking, it's not (only) a conference though, but acts as a platform for contributors and users of OSS projects to exchange ideas, share insights and socialize. This year was my first time at FOSDEM and it was an inspiring experience. Read more

  4. T3BOARD13 Flow Workshop

    The yearly snowboard tour is probably the best event for discovering the soul of the TYPO3 community. Even though I'm not really a fan of squeezing my calves into bindings for a week, I only missed two editions yet (the first one because I moved to Barcelona and another one for the birth of Smilla). My kids (and wife) are also part of the reason why I originally planned to skip this year's tour: parts of my holiday budget already go into TYPO3, so for the remaining days – if I have the choice ... Read more

  5. Evangelism for the TYPO3 Project

    In 2012 I have given numerous talks and keynotes about Flow, Neos and the TYPO3 project. At a total of 11 conferences I gave my best to spread the word and give insights into our projects - and it looks like I succeeded, as I received more invitations to new conferences and met people again in our mailing lists and IRC channels who came in touch with TYPO3 the first time during my talks. Read more