1. A new CMS and a new site

    I'm completely overworked – it's close to T3CON12DE and we've got our hands full. A perfect opportunity to relaunch my website with a new design and a new content management system. Read more

  2. PHP Applications for the Enterprise (Campus Party)

    During Campus Party Europe 2012 in Berlin, I gave a talk about using FLOW3 for developing enterprise applications. Despite the difficult accoustics, the feedback has been great! Fortunately, the CPE team has recorded the session for you to watch online. Read more

  3. New Chapters in FLOW3 Documentation

    One of the most requested features for FLOW3 was: Documentation. The whole team has spent many hours updating and extending existing chapters of our "Definitive Guide". In fact, we postponed the whole release of FLOW3 1.1 mostly because we wanted to fulfill our promise to make documentation an important feature of that new version. Read more

  4. FLOW3 at Campus Party Europe

    This week I'll be joining the 10.000 people for an amazing technology festival at the former Tempelhof Airport: Campus Party Europe. I have been invited to give a talk about PHP and FLOW3 and I'm pretty excited to speak at such an unusual event. Read more

  5. FLOW3 at the IPC12 Spring Edition

    In midst of our preparations for FLOW3's 1.1 release, I started travelling to a row of conferences to spread the word and share the experience we could gather during the last few months. It is a special tour this time as FLOW3 is, with its 1.0 release last October, still the new kid on the block - and that although its developed has started years ago. Read more