1. Roadmap & Missing Features for FLOW3 1.0 Beta 1

    The next release of FLOW3 will be 1.0 beta 1 – that's no big news anymore. However, as we had to adjust the original schedule, you might ask yourself when the first beta version will be available. In order to get a realistic release date, we now ask for feedback by those who already gathered experience with the current Git master version of FLOW3. Read more

  2. Designing Error Messages

    As an A-380 pilot, a warning which says that bit 9 of data package 98887 sent through your ARINC 429 data bus is unexpectedly 0, will keep you busy for a while searching for the actual problem. On the other hand, a nicely crafted error message which states "Engine #3 is on fire" will give you a much better idea of what's currently happening on board. Read more

  3. Protected vs Private

    The Symfony and Doctrine2 project recently changed protected functions and properties into private in order to provide a well defined public API. While I agree with the principle, this has some bad side effects for FLOW3 code. Read more

  4. TYPO3 Codesprint Berlin 2011

    Last week we met with a group of more than 40 members of the core and security team plus additional active members of the community for the TYPO3 Codesprint Berlin. Technische Universität Berlin provided us with enough space again for discussing ideas, new concepts and actually implementing some of them right away. Besides having great coffee we also decided on the next steps for TYPO3 4.6, 5.0 and FLOW3. Read more

  5. Vendor names in PHP namespaces

    Since an increasing number of PHP projects are going to use namespaces, it gets more important to agree on a scheme which avoids naming conflicts. The current best practice is to use the "vendor name" as the top level namespace – but who says that your vendor name is unique? Read more